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4Ps: a framework for designing your marketing mix

Customer Lifetime Value: a framework for assessing the lifetime value of loyal customers

KANO: a framework for identifying motivations behind buying products and services

New Product Pricing (Gabor Granger and Van Westendorp): a framework for pricing new products

SIMALTO: a framework for identifying the value which customer’s place on product or service improvements

Conjoint Analysis: a framework for assessing optimum pricing and the value of component parts

Customer Value Proposition: a framework for creating a compelling motive to purchase your product or service

Kotler’s 5 Product Levels: a framework for adding value to a product or service

Price Elasticity: a framework for guiding opportunities for raising or lowering prices

Value Based Marketing: a framework for showing how to improve profitability by building more value into your products and services

Customer Activity Cycle: a framework to identify opportunities for locking in the customer and offering more value

Experience Curve: a framework to help give a price advantage through volume production

McKinsey 7s: a framework for a company “health check” audit tool

Price Quality Strategy: a framework for guiding a company's pricing strategy

Value Equivalence Line: a framework for how to manage price and product benefits in a business strategy

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