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Bullseye brand positioning: a framework to determine what your brand stands for

Customer Journey Maps: a framework for assessing the current performance of marketing and sales processes

Edward De Bono’s Six Thinking Hats: a framework for brainstorming problems and generating new ideas

KANO: a framework for identifying motivations behind buying products and services

Key Account Management: a framework for looking after your most important strategic customers

Maslow’s Hierarchy: a framework for helping a company differentiate their market positioning

Nudge: a framework to influence choices made by customers or employees

Segmentation: a framework for using customer groups to gain competitive advantage

Servqual: a framework for aligning customer expectations and company performance

System 1 and System 2 Thinking: a framework for identifying the emotional forces that drive decisions

To-do Lists: a framework for improving productivity

Chain of Derived Demand: a framework for determine what is driving demand for your products

Customer Lifetime Value: a framework for assessing the lifetime value of loyal customers

Golden Circle: a framework for inspiring people in a business

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid: a framework for improving efficiency

Kraljic Matrix: a framework for segmenting suppliers and customers

Momentum Matrix: a framework that anticipates changes in customer experience satisfaction

Product Service Matrix: a framework for positioning products according to their quality and their service

Semiotics: a framework to manage and make marketing communications more effective

Shared Future Analysis: a framework to assess the needs of segments or individual customers

Theory X and Theory Y: a framework for motivating a workforce

Customer Activity Cycle: a framework to identify opportunities for locking in the customer and offering more value

Customer Value Proposition: a framework for creating a compelling motive to purchase your product or service

Hooking Customers: a framework to attract customers for life

Kay's Distinctive Capabilities: a framework for adding value to your company by identifying distinctive capabilities

Left And Right Brain Thinking: a framework for improving communications with employees and customers

Net Promoter Score: a framework for driving customer excellence

SIMALTO: a framework for identifying the value which customer’s place on product or service improvements

Service Profit Train: a framework for connecting employee satisfaction and performance with company profits

Stereotype Content Model (the warmth/competence matrix): a framework to improve the selection of staff or the position of brands

Tipping Point: a framework for influencing beliefs and targeting messages

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