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4Ps: a framework for designing your marketing mix

Chain of Derived Demand: a framework for determine what is driving demand for your products

Customer Value Proposition: a framework for creating a compelling motive to purchase your product or service

KANO: a framework for identifying motivations behind buying products and services

Lifecycle: a framework for determining the long term strategy for products

SIMALTO: a framework for identifying the value which customer’s place on product or service improvements

Strategy Diamond: a framework to grow the business in new geographies or with new products

Value Chain: a framework for showing where within the manufacturing process a product or service gains value as it is made by a company

ADL Matrix: a framework for strengthening a product portfolio or strategic business units

Cost Benefit Analysis (Effort v Reward): a framework to prioritize investments

Diffusion of Innovation: a framework for launching new products and services

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid: a framework for efficiencies

New Product Pricing (Gabor Granger and Van Westendorp): a framework for pricing new products

Shared Future Analysis: a framework to assess the needs of segments or individual customers

USP: a framework for pinpointing the unique selling point of a product or service

Value Proposition Canvas: a framework to work out a value proposition for your products and services

Benchmarking: a framework for setting targets for improving business and marketing KPIs

Customer Activity Cycle: a framework to identify opportunities for locking in the customer and offering more value

Disruptive Innovation Model: a framework for identifying how to beat the competition with something new

Kotler’s 5 Product Levels: a framework for adding value to a product or service

Resource-Based View (RBV): a framework to determine where your competitive advantage lies

Stage Gate New Product Development: a framework for planning the development and launch of new products and services 

Value Based Marketing: a framework for showing how to improve profitability by building more value into your products and services

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