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4Ps: a framework for designing your marketing mix

Bullseye brand positioning: a framework to determine what your brand stands for

Golden Circle: a framework for inspiring people in a business

Left And Right Brain Thinking: a framework for improving communications with employees and customers

Personas: a framework for improving the focus of marketing messages

System 1 and System 2 Thinking: a framework for identifying the emotional forces that drive decisions

AIDA: a framework for improving marketing communications

Customer Value Proposition: a framework for creating a compelling motive to purchase your product or service

Graphic Recording: a framework to capture an event or meeting

Maslow’s Hierarchy: a framework for helping a company differentiate their market positioning

Semiotics: a framework to manage and make marketing communications more effective

Tipping Point: a framework for influencing beliefs and targeting messages

Brand Audit: a framework for improving the strength of a brand

DAGMAR: a framework for setting advertising goals and measurements to improve promotional ROI

Hooking Customers: a framework to attract customers for life

Nudge: a framework to influence choices made by customers or employees

Shared Future Analysis: a framework to assess the needs of segments or individual customers

USP: a framework for pinpointing the unique selling point of a product or service

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