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The book and this website are based on 50 frameworks. I am always being introduced to new (or at least different) frameworks beyond the original 50. I shall keep adding them here.  

Click on the hyperlinks below to be directed to descriptions of these additional frameworks.

3C Framework - use this framework to maximise your company's strength relative to the competition

Balanced Scorecard - use this model to set targets for achieving your company vision and strategy

Bullseye brand positioning - use this framework to determine what your brand stands for

Business Model Canvas - using the Strategyzer model

Chain of Derived Demand - use this framework to determine your marketing approach

Competitive Advantage Matrix - use this model to find a competitive advantage from volume output and differentiation

Core Competences - a framework to leverage your unique knowledge and skills to competitive advantage

Cost Benefit Analysis (Effort v Reward) - a framework to prioritize investments

Customer Activity Cycle - this journey map framework can help identify opportunities for locking in the customer and offering more value

Customer Experience - a framework to ensure great customer experience and loyalty

DAGMAR - a framework for setting advertising goals and measurements to improve promotional ROI

Environment, Strategy, Structure, Operations (ESSO) - a framework of building blocks to develop a business model

Experience Curve - a framework to help give a price advantage through volume production

Gantt Chart - a framework for managing project and ensuring they are delivered on time

Game Theory - a framework for responding to competitive strategies

Global Strategy - a framework for developing international and global strategies

Golden Circle - a framework for inspiring people in a business

Graphic Recording - a framework to capture an event or meeting

Hooking Customers - a framework to attract customers for life 

Importance/Performance Matrix - a framework that shows how to improve the effectiveness of marketing programs

Kay's Distinctive Capabilities - a framework for adding value to your company by identifying distinctive capabilities

Key Account Management - a model for looking after your most important strategic customers

KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid - a framework that helps you stay focused, finish projects on time and make your concept easy to understand

Kraljic Matrix - a model for segmenting suppliers and customers

Lean Startups - a framework for building a new business

Left And Right Brain Thinking - a model for improving communications with employees and customers

Momentum Matrix - a framework that anticipates changes in customer experience satisfaction

Nudge - a framework to influence choices made by customers or employees

Pareto Principle (80:20 Rule) - a framework to determine where effort is most justified

Porter's Diamond - a model to assess your company's competitive advantage

Profitability Framework - a framework for improving profits

Resource-Based View (RBV) - a framework to determine where your competitive advantage lies

Semiotics - a framework to manage and make marketing communications more effective

Scientific Management - a framework for increasing productivity

Shared Future Analysis - a framework to assess the needs of segments or individual customers

Situation Analysis - a framework to understand your capabilities, the customers and the competition

SMART Objectives - a framework to set and achieve objectives

Stereotype Content Model (the warmth/competence matrix) - a framework to improve the selection of staff or the position of brands

Strategy Diamond - a framework to grow the business in new geographies or with new products

Teece Model - Profiting From Innovation - a framework to help build a competitive edge from an innovation

Theory X and Theory Y - use this framework to get the best out of a workforce

Three Horizons of Innovation - a framework to manage growth initiatives in your company

Tipping Point - a framework for influencing beliefs and targeting messages

To-do Lists -  a framework that helps you manage your time more effectively

Value Disciplines - a model for achieving market leadership through focus

Value Proposition Canvas - a tool to work out a value proposition for your products and services

VMOST - a framework to define future strategies and prepare a business plan

Weisbord's six box model - a framework to analyse the effectiveness of an organisation

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