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62 business frameworks with theory, how to use and case studies
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Business frameworks are used by every successful business. They provide structure and clarity to business problems. Frameworks provide a context. They help us understand business problems and work out solutions. Each chapter of this book focuses on an individual business framework. This is the second edition of the Business Models Handbook and it contains 12 extra frameworks. The theory of each framework and its origins are explained. Case studies and explanations show how to use the frameworks.


Paul Hague is a leading business to business consultant. He founded B2B International Ltd, a global market research company. He is a Fellow of the Market Research Society and the author of ten books, sharing over 40 years of practical experience in market research and marketing. He is the co-author, alongside Nick Hague, of

B2B Customer Experience: A practical guide to delivering exceptional CX experience.


Use The Business Models Handbook and this website to explore business frameworks. The book can be ordered from Kogan Page or Amazon.

Book Details

Title: The Business Models Handbook: The Tools, Techniques and Frameworks Every Business Professional Needs to Succeed
ISBN: 978-1-3986-1175-7
Edition: 2
Published: 3rd August 2023
392 pages

Price: £29.99

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