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These more specialist frameworks will help you develop new products and services, manage your product portfolio, and analyse your customer base. Some of the frameworks  cover a number of applications so you will see them repeated in the listings.


These frameworks will help you develop product strategies for your company

4Ps - design your own marketing mix
ADL Matrix - strengthen your product portolio/strategic business units (SBUs)
Blue Ocean Strategy – kickstart innovation and new product development
Boston Consulting Group Matrix – plan a product portfolio or balance multiple SBUs
Competitive Intelligence – assess the strengths and weaknesses of competitors
Customer Value Proposition – create a compelling motive to purchase your products or services
Porter's Four Corners – analyse competitors strategies
Gap Analysis – improve areas of weakness in a company
Greiner's Growth Model – help recognise different phases of your company's growth
Kano – identify motivations for buying products and services
Kotler's 5 Product Levels – add value to a product or service
Market Sizing – assess the size and value of served or potential market
McKinsey's 7s – carry out a company "health check"
New Product Pricing – price new products at the optimum level
Product Life Cycle – determine the long-term strategy for your company's products
Product Service Matrix - position the products in your portfolio according to their quality and their service
Segmentation – use customer groups to gain competitive advantage
SIMALTO – identify the value customers place on products or service improvements
Stage Gate New Product Development – plan the development and launch of new products and services
SWOT Analysis – analyse growth opportunities at product, team or at a business unit level
USP – pinpoint the unique selling point of a product or service

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